Who is STS:

Sexqéltkemc te Secwepemc (People of the Lakes Region) are the original caretakers of the land from Sts’xum (Monte Creek) to the Rocky Mountains and now known as the 5 Bands: Neskonlith, Adams Lake, Little Shuswap, Splatsin, and Shuswap. STS was a geo-political unit that occupied and governed over our traditional territory. Since the Indian Reserves were created for the most part STS were removed from our traditional territory. STS is now transforming and un-doing over 150 years of oppression and disenfranchisement at the hands of foreign government.


The Sexqéltkemc te Secwepemc Lakes Division (Secwepemc People of the Lakes Region) is a coalition of the Neskonlith, Splatsin, and Adams Lake Indian Bands.  In 2009, the member bands signed a STS Lakes Division Resource Sharing Protocol.  The STS Lakes Division was formed to aid in the assertion of Aboriginal Title and Rights throughout their traditional territory.  The STS Lakes Division will apply a multi-faceted approach in achieving their goal of re-instating themselves as stewards and keepers of Secwepemculecw.


What does STS do?

  • Applies political pressure on Government, Industry, Crown corporations, and other proponents to recognize STS Aboriginal title and rights
  • Exercises sovereignty over STS traditional territory
  • Oversees the Sexqéltkemc Enterprises Inc. and Sexqéltkemc Limited Partnership by appointment of Board Representatives from each Band, who are not STS voting members
  • Ensures cultural customs, beliefs, and protocols are recognized and upheld
  • Ensures environmental protection, over and above industry standards, is implemented within STS traditional territory
  • Builds relationships and fosters partnerships with various proponents
  • Negotiates with numerous government departments to secure employment opportunities for Secwepemc and other Aboriginals